Please Welcome New Board Member: Jesper Vesterstroem

Hope Loves Company is proud to announce the new addition of Board Member Jesper Vesterstroem. Jesper is a professional windsurfer, and has worked in the sports and fitness industry for decades. His passion has lead to his current role as a personal trainer and his new business, Move Equals Life. Jesper's windsurfing talents have led him to be ranked 1st in the world of windsurfing and recently, the U.S. Nationals' champion. Jesper, having lost his dad to ALS, understands the impact it has on an entire family. His courageous journey ignited his goal to support HLC as a board member and camp facilitator. You can learn more about Jesper by watching his movie, “Chasing the Wind,”

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Jesper has been an exciting addition to the HLC family and will be heading to Camp California in Boulder where he is thrilled to work as a facilitator. Welcome to the family Jesper!