A Milestone: 25 Camp HLCs

In 2012, soon after Hope Loves Company became a 501(c)3, board member, Linda Cassidy, and I sat down to finalize the plans for the first Family Fun Day. The day gathered 25 people, five or six families at Waterloo Gardens, and was a fun and great start that would inspire Camp HLC. Linda did all of the leg work, researching for a place to host a weekend retreat for families affected by ALS. When we walked onto the Fairview Lakes YMCA campground in Stillwater, NJ, we knew that we had found the place for our second program, Camp HLC. Turned out that my Leadership Training Camp experience as a high school student council Vice President took place at that very same spot, 30 years before.

We are proud of Camp HLC and how much is has grown since our first camp. I am privileged to have witnessed 25 camps and all of the magic that occurred because of just one incredible program and the people who have joined us. Today and always, I thank everyone who has contributed to one or many of our 25 Camp HLCs and extend a special thank you to Linda Cassidy for her leadership!