Coping with Covid-19

To cope with something is to face and deal with responsibilities, problems and/or difficulties. With the crisis going on right now there is nothing we can do except face this problem head on. Over the past few weeks a lot of things got out of the ordinary. Businesses are closed right now and over 200,000 people are sick. I have come to the conclusions for some of the best ways for me to cope with everything.

Physically, I am washing my hands after every activity. If I happen to leave that house that day to get necessary things. I come right inside and shower. I also take the extra step and wear gloves anytime I’m not in the comfort of my home or car.

But more importantly I have been finding ways to mentally cope with what is going on. As a young adult just starting their life, this is terrifying. Main thing I have been doing is bubble baths at night while writing in my journal. Some nights I add face masks and hair masks just to relax. But other times I will do a whole face of makeup and dress up because for me when you look good you feel good.

This virus has opened the opportunity for family time. Trust me when I say take advantage of that. Family dinners, game nights, coloring, even doing a whole house clean up. All we have is today and everyday we should make the best out of it, even if we are stuck in our houses right now.

Some helpful suggestions I could offer you to do to stay busy is painting, DIY projects, makeup, watching shows or videos. For painting, my community has come together by painting rocks and putting them on the curbs or in the flowerbeds. Not only rocks can be painted tho! Bust out the computer paper… or maybe even just paint your room! Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are always fun and there are always examples of different types to do, especially on Pinterest. I have never been someone who was really into makeup, however being stuck inside really gets your gears turning. My friend even turned herself into a tiger one day with the makeup she has! Online resources such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube keep our eyes and brain busy. Who could resist? With so many options to choose from. Some that I would recommend are; Netflix: Greys Anatomy, and All- American. Hulu: LEGO Masters, Wu-Tang, and Handmaid's Tale. But online resources such as YouTube, News Apps, and even social media keep us up to date on all the jarring things going on outside our door.

I hope the best for everyone’s family in this difficult time. Just keep yourself busy, positive, and healthy. At the end of the day, we will get through this.