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We believe in supporting children.

Hope Loves Company is the only national nonprofit organization serving children impacted by ALS Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Our programs provide no-cost support, resources, and care for children ages 6-25, including family camp retreats, virtual hangouts led by mental health experts, and age-specific education to support children through their grief, loss, caregiving, and mental health journeys. Our children are equipped with healthy coping techniques, lasting connection, and a community that is hopeful. 

We create space for children to build community, laugh and find respite, all while developing healthy coping techniques. Hope Loves Company brings comfort and light for youth caregivers navigating ALS in their family dynamic.

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Children who are caregivers are often underserved.

A large number of children, also referred to as youth caregivers, provide care for sick and disabled siblings, loved ones and parents.  Nationally there are an estimated 5.4 million young caregivers between the of 8 and 18 who shoulder considerable responsibilities, undertaking daunting tasks such as assisting with physical and emotional support,  and at times, managing medical tasks like aiding with feeding tubes, managing medications, household tasks, and communicating with nurses or doctors – all while balancing educational and social commitments.

Cases of ALS are projected to increase by 2040.

While ALS continues to be a rare disease and numbers of diagnosed cases are hard to ascertain, research indicates that cases are predicted to rise by nearly 70% by 2040.  This increase accounts for an increase in the United States.  As the numbers of diagnosed individuals continues to rise, so does the number of children impacted by this disease and the need for the programs of Hope Loves Company.

Grief support and needs have no timeframe.

The needs of children caregivers and children impacted by ALS has no timeframe and needs evolve over time.  Our programs are available to all children at the time they encounter the disease and remain in place for as long as they need us.   We have youth who have come through our camp sit serve as mentors to younger youth, volunteer for our programs and sit on our board.   Grief has no timeframe, no specific trajectory.  We bring hope when you need us, for however long you need us.

There should be no financial barriers to support.

We believe that every family and child should have access to the same quality programs they need, when they need them, regardless of their ability to pay.   To ensure access and eliminate the stigma associated with "financial aid" all programs are free to families and children and travel support is available as well.   

A diagnosis of ALS is often a financial hardship on a family, eliminating incomes for a family and as the disease progresses, places increased financial demands on the household as home modifications, equipment and care become more necessary.  

By eliminating all costs associated with our programs, we can ensure everyone has access and that the family can focus on what is most important. 

Programs Full of Hope

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