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Online Education

Beyond The Bunk

The needs of children impacted by ALS and caregiving do not end at camp, nor does the support of Hope Loves Company.

Our Beyond the Bunk meetups happen virtually each month and are guided by trained social workers and child life specialists.   These opportunities for youth to come together in a safe, online space allows our newest of children in the HLC family to meet others, connect and find familiar faces before they attend a camp and our legacy campers and children an opportunity to continue building their community, finding strength, support and hope in their ALS journey.

9-12 Year's Old

13-16 Year's Old

17-21 Year's Old

Camp HLC supports young caregivers between the ages of x and z years of age, as well as the entire family, if the family so chooses.  Camps are three day respite weekends where children find and build community with their peers whom are going through, or whom have gone through a similar ALS journey.   Nestled in nature, traditional camp activities married with coping skills, self care and supported by qualified therapists, children gain tools to carry theme on their journey feeling connected and hopeful.

Hope Loves Company prides itself on using tools rooted in best practices and trauma informed care.   Our volunteers are trained in the basics of ALS and trauma in youth and our staff are comprised of qualified social workers, teachers and child life experts.   Our trauma informed programming helps children understand how their bodies react to the stress of ALS while giving them tools, resources and support they need to work manage their ever changing needs on a daily basis.  

ALS has a significant impact on the family financially and often leads to loss of income and need to invest in caregiving tools, devices and home modifications that are unplanned for and often unfunded.   We firmly believe that all families and children should have access to the support and resources they need, when they need it.  As such our programs are free for all to attend and made possible through the generosity of our supporters.   Leveling the financial playing field means all children have access at Hope Loves Company.

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