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Hope Loves Company depends on the volunteers and passionate advocates to help create fun, safe and successful programs and events across the nation.  Our volunteers serve in a number of different capacities ranging from one-time events, helping in the office, working on virtual special projects and volunteering at our in-person events and camps.  We invite you to review the volunteer opportunities to see what speaks to you and connect with us to learn more!

Change their lives, enrich yours.

Our camp volunteers fuel our weekends of hope by creating opportunities for kids to come together and explore while supporting their journey in ALS and social-emotional wellness.   Our camp volunteers help us ensure our campers are supported, safe and bring their unparalleled energy to our camp weekends.

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Volunteer Your Way

Find the volunteer opportunity that fits your background, passion and interest.  

Volunteer Counselor

As a volunteer counselor, your job is to support campers in your group throughout the weekend.   Many of our counselors have a connection to ALS, but that's not a requirement.  All volunteers help our campers see that adults can support them in their ALS journey.   As a volunteer counselor you will: 

  • Bunk with the campers in a cabin and/or dorm room, sleep on a twin bed, eat 3 meals a day with your campers, share a bathroom and enjoy activities with your group.  You should be prepared to laugh a lot, be silly and get a little (a lot?!) dirty!

  • Instruct a camp activity such as basketball, hiking, yoga, or gaga.  Bring your passion to the camp!

  • Help campers thrive, play and laugh. 

  • Attend a training/orientation held before camp, virtually in the evening. 

Mental Health Specialist

Our mental health specialists are part of our team of masters-level mental-health professionals who facilitate connection and development of coping skills.   We have a range of professionals who participate from child life specialists to social workers and therapists.  As a mental health specialist you can expect to:

  • Facilitate coping and sharing circles at camp. 

  • Support campers and parents behavioral and emotional needs. 

  • Support camper and parents if complex issues arise in group shares. 

  • Facilitate a session on coping strategies such as tapping, mindfulness, etc. 

  • Help campers and parents feel safe to share/supported. 

  • Attend a training/orientation held before camp, virtually in the evening. 

Activity Leader

As a volunteer activity leader you will bring your experience to camp and help lead creative programs such as virtual reality, art therapy, reiki, yoga and more.  Our activity leaders help create age-appropriate activities for our campers and lead the sessions.   While not in session, our activity leaders support our counselors and operations of the camp weekend.   As an activity leader you can expect to: 

  • Work with HLC staff to identify the activity and program offered. 

  • Develop in collaboration with the HLC team, the curriculum/session outcomes. 

  • Deliver the activity, with support from counselors, several times/day. (typically three times)

  • Support camp operations and sleep in a bunk/cabin, on a twin bed and eat meals with the campers. 

  • Attend a training/orientation held before camp, virtually in the evening.


Our photographers and videographers play an important role in our weekend by taking pictures and interviewing our campers and volunteers.   These photos help share the story of camp with our families and with our larger community year-round.  While not capturing the magic of camp, you will support counselors and staff with operations of camp.   As a photographer you can expect to: 

  • Sleep in a bunk, with kids or parents, in a twin bed, share meals with campers. 

  • Take photos of every camper and family. 

  • Capture video testimonials as needed and assigned by program staff. 

  • Work closely with our team to ensure all moments of camp are captured and images uploaded to a shared drive. 

All volunteers are expected to be available for the entire weekend of camp, be fully present with campers/parents and bring their unique talents and best selves to the HLC community.
All volunteers will participate in an interview as well as must complete a background check and 2 self paced trainings on mandatory reporting and ALS. 
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