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A Supportive Hug

Parent Meet Up's

Supporting children impacted by ALS means that we support parents as well.   In our monthly virtual meet-ups, parents come together to discuss issues of importance to them such as how to tell their children about ALS, how to prepare their homes, what to expect in their loved ones journey and to learn about programs available to their children.   When the whole-family is supported, positive outcomes for the children increase.   Led by a parent to children caregivers, these free monthly groups are accessible to all parents.

Trauma Informed

Free To Attend


Hope Loves Company prides itself on using tools rooted in best practices and trauma informed care.   Our volunteers are trained in the basics of ALS and trauma in youth and our staff are comprised of qualified social workers, teachers and child life experts.   Our trauma informed programming helps children understand how their bodies react to the stress of ALS while giving them tools, resources and support they need to work manage their ever changing needs on a daily basis.  

ALS has a significant impact on the family financially and often leads to loss of income and need to invest in caregiving tools, devices and home modifications that are unplanned for and often unfunded.   We firmly believe that all families and children should have access to the support and resources they need, when they need it.  As such our programs are free for all to attend and made possible through the generosity of our supporters.   Leveling the financial playing field means all children have access at Hope Loves Company.

We welcome our families and the loved ones of children whom are attending our camp and work to ensure that the facilities we host camp in are accessible to all.  Because our team has lived experience as caregivers, we know what to look for in a great camp site and strive to anticipate the needs of our families who come with mobility aides, adaptive devices and support equipment related to ALS.   Moreover, its the norm for our families, there's a community of support for all our participants, helping as needed.

"Knowing that I have a place where I can find resources, tools and answers to help me best support my children is invaluable.  The group is my safe space in the ALS journey."

--HLC Parent

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