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ALS is a disease that places an undue financial burden on families, which can be especially impactful to families with young/growing children.  Direct financial support, made possible in partnership with Paint for A Cure, is available to families to help offset some of the costs of associated with ALS and familial needs.   While we understand the costs to all families, our grants are focused on supporting young families with children under the age of 18.   Grants are limited in availability and awarded on a needs basis based on funding available. 

What's Covered?  What's the Process?


What's Required?


The Hope Grant assists families with expenses that are not typically covered by private insurance or other assistance programs and can be reimbursements or pre-paid expenses/support to families.  The grant can cover, but is not limited to durable medical equiptment, home care assistance, travel costs related to an ALS diagnosis or research, home or auto modifications, computer access, communication devices, smart home technology, environmental controls, and generators. 

Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis however will be reviewed against total cost of project/need. (i.e if a home modification is needed, and total cost is $20,000, your request can be up to $6,000, but project will be evaluated based on how the remainder of project will be funded). 

Documentation is always required.   If you are asking for reimbursement, reciepts are required.  If you are seeking pre-funding, quotes are required.

We welcome applications from all families impacted by ALS who may have minor children residing in the home.   You do not need to be a current participant in the Hope Loves Company programs or have sent a child to camp to participate (though we'd love to see you!).   We ask that that PALS are the primary requestor of the funds (though we do support seeking assistance from caregivers and will work with assigned persons to complete information/application) and funding will be released directly to the person living with ALS. 

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